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AE 480 Boxed System

AE Cymbals / AE Boxed Systems

The Gen 16 AE Cymbal System is a paradigm shift in cymbal design. Features include patented, low volume acoustic cymbals. A radically new “pickup” that utilizes a patentpending, dual-head mini microphone design. A Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP) with preset tone shaping and audio mixing capabilities. Each kit includes a dampening pin for each cymbal. This pin can be placed in any hole to reduce overtone, shorten decay, and lower the fundamental pitch of the cymbal.

AE Boxed systems include everything you need to get started. Choose from several add-on sizes and types of AE Cymbals which include Crashes, HiHats,
Chinas, Splashes and more...

14" AE HiHats w/Pickup
18" AE Crash w/Pickup
20" AE Ride w/Pickup
AE Digital Cymbal Processor (DCP Access Tool Download)
AE 5 Channel Cable Snake
AE Digital Cymbal Processor Mounting Kit
One Cymbal Dampening Pin (G16AE013) is supplied with each AE Cymbal or pair of AE HiHat Cymbals (HiHats sold in pairs)

Purchase now: $749.00

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